The Beginning

Its Not a Diet, Its a Lifestyle Change……

Even if you don’t change your eating habits, working out might not help you lose that much weight. Well never stop to exercise even after you read this…

1. Chew your food thoroughly : Gulping down your food can result in indigestion and bloating. Take your time , chew it evenly and swallow it after it has properly break down into a semi – liquid form.

2. Take more protein : A diet high in protein boosts your metabolism and keep you feeling fuller for a long time. You can opt for some protein powder if you struggle to get more protein out of your food.

3. Use smaller plates: Psychologically eating your food in a larger plate can make you consume more food. This is because food on a big plate can look like there’s a lot of empty space to fill up with more food. So you can trick yourself by serving the food on a smaller plate.

4. Get more sleep : Sleep controls out diet, metabolism and our cravings. It also effect our body after a good workout. Having less sleep can result in hunger, blood sugar fluctuation, hormonal imbalance and so on. A sound sleep is very effective to control our weight and health.

5. Eat a good breakfast: Never make the mistake to skip your breakfast for weight loss. Instead go for a high protein breakfast with eggs, banana, yogurt, oatmeal, cornflakes, milk, fruit salad, juice, wheat, maize, dal etc. Skipping your breakfast can make you consume more food.

6. Drink water more often and regularly : Drinking water before a meal can make you eat less and helps to lose weight. If we replace soft drinks or sweetened drinks with water we can lose more calories.

7. Eat without distractions: It has been seen that people who eat food while watching the TV or smartphone consume far more than they usually do. Its because they lose track of how much they have eaten.

8.  Keep unhealthy foods out of your home: Try to keep processed food and beverages out of your kitchen or home. If these high calorific diets are out of your sight you will never be tempted to eat them.

9. Never skip your meals: Don’t ever skip your meals. It will finally result in over eating. Also you may end up to snack on the wrong types of food. The trick is to eat smaller portions whenever you feel hungry.

10.Try to avoid alcohol : When you take alcohol it slows down your metabolism by depressing the central nervous system. The best liquid to gulp down your food is water.


Got a sweet tooth !!!!!!

Are we even aware that we consume far more sugar than required ?

The consumption of sugar has significantly increased in the last decade and so did Obesity, Diabetes & Cardiovascular Diseases. One of the prime causes for this increased consumption of sugar is Processed Food & Beverages like packaged foods, bakery items, sweets, soft drinks, fizzy drinks, artificial sweeteners and the list never ends. These are free sugar and they are not beneficial to our body. Instead we can consume sugar naturally from Fruits, Grains, Rice, Vegetables and Milk based products. Although these sugar also contain calories but they don’t cause any harm. 

Sugar plays an important role in our body. Carbohydrates and sugar break down into Glucose i.e. Blood Sugar. A certain amount of Carbohydrate intake is necessary for Normal Brain and Bodily function. So first we have to distinguish between Free & Naturally occurring sugar. Free sugar or artificially added sugar is rapidly digested and increases blood sugar levels very quickly. Sugar present in grains , vegetables, beans, lentils contain complex carbohydrates which are slowly processed by our digestive system and causes slow rise in blood sugar levels. With rapid increase in Blood sugar more Insulin is released by our body. Insulin is responsible for input of glucose in our Fat and muscle cells. Most of the glucose is stored in the fat cells for future use. Now the glucose in the fat cells can only be released when no insulin is present in the blood. If we feed our body with carbohydrate rich food too often then these fat cells tend to absorb more and more glucose. This may result in fat and weight gain.

1. Cardiovascular Disease : A diet high in sugar increases the risk of heart disease even if one’s not overweight. High sugar in our body can raise blood pressure and force the liver to release harmful fats in our bloodstream which can boost the chance of heart diseases. 

2. Fatty Liver : Most of us may ignore Fatty Liver or may be least bothered but it can be dangerous. If our diet is rich in Sugar and Starch we may fill our Liver with fat paving the path for Chronic Disease and Inflammation. 

3. Type 2 Diabetes : Diabetes is resistance to Insulin by our body cells. In a diabetic person Insulin is unable to store the glucose in our fat cells thereby releasing it into the blood. In later stages of the disease the body may not produce enough Insulin.

4. Cancer : Sugar rich food can lead to certain types of cancers. Too much sugar is stored as fat in our body which lead to obesity, one of the contributing factor to cancer. 

5. Kidney Damage: Having high blood sugar levels consistently can cause damage to the blood vessels in our kidneys can increases the risk of kidney damage.

6. Dental health: Sugar can cause cavities. Bacteria in our mouth feed feed on sugar and release acidic byproducts which results in tooth decay.

7. Gout : It is an inflammatory condition accompanied by pain in our joints. Sugar increases Uric acid levels causing Gout.

8. Depression and Stress: Sugar influence Mood Swings and can lead to a number of Mental Illnesses like Depression and Anxiety.

Finally we can say that Sugar is also essential for our body. It fuels our cells with energy. We can’t completely cut out our sugar intake. The one thing we can do is to watch the amount we consume. Also we should decline the consumption of processed food and beverages and instead opt for healthier Low sugar alternatives .

Breathing - The Life Force

Keep Breathing

The first thing which naturally comes to a human body is THE BREATH. You don’t have to think how to do it or when to do it. It just happens. Most of us are not even conscious of this wonderful mechanism of our body. It is indeed the most subconscious yet the most important activity in a human life. Yogis and Mediators developed a number of exercises based on breathing. Even in Martial Arts or Bodybuilding or other Sports breathing can substantially influence effectiveness and performance. Breathing provides the body with oxygen which is important for various organs as well as the brain to keep running. Now when we workout we should know when to take in air and when to exhale. In a high intensity workout if we hold our breathe for too long it may cause us to faint or blackout. This happens due to a sudden drop in blood pressure. It may take sometime to learn but its necessary. So let’s see how we can be conscious of our Breath and learn some methods to improve the process.

1. Belly Breathing: Lie down, place you hands on your stomach and the chest. Now breathe. Your stomach should rise when you intake air. Try to fill your chest with this long breath. Hold for 10-20 secs and breathe out. While exhaling your stomach should contract. Repeat this process for 5-6 times. This exercise helps us to take in more air and breathe deeply.

2.  Inhale and Exhale: Put yourself in a comfortable and relaxed position. You may sit or stand accordingly. Now try to breathe in through your nose. The breathing should be slow but long. And while you breathe count the numbers of seconds to inhale. The number should be same to exhale. This way you will increase the lung capacity to take in more air.

3. Cardiovascular Exercises : Cardio workout significantly strengthens the lungs to take in more oxygen. Exercises like running, jogging, cycling, skipping, stairs, hiking etc. increases our heart rate and breathing. In another way cardio exercises strengthens the heart muscles and helps in pumping blood more efficiently.

4. Yoga: Yoga is one of the oldest, the most complex, most in-depth and well-defined system that has many exercises on breathing. In fact the Yogis developed Yoga based on our breathing. Asanas like Kumbhaka Pranayama, Nadi Shodhana Pranayama, Ujjayi, Mrigi Mudra, Mula Bandha, Kapalabhati are very effective in controlling our breathing.

5. Resistance Workout: Recent research on resistance workout showed that in comparison to other exercise forms , it increases more blood flow and longer lasting drop in blood pressure after exercise. As a result not only your heart but resistance training can improve your running, swimming, jogging and cycling as well.

6. Swimming : Swim to improve heart and lung capacity. If you have joint pain then swimming is the best way to regain or start your exercise regime. It keeps your blood sugar and blood pressure under control, reduces weight and good for arthritis and back pain relief.


Water – The Magic of this Planet

Sit to Drink …..

Its always good to sit while drinking water. The balance of fluids inside the body may be hampered if we drink water while standing. Due to the disturbance excess fluids may accumulate in the joints causing arthritis. Our muscles and nervous system stays relaxed while sitting and the amount of fluids or food gets digested easily inside. It also helps the kidney to filter the toxins.

Avoid Cold or Chilled Water…

Cold water disrupts the digestion process. The flow of blood to our organs gets slowed down which results in constipation. Luke warm water is very effective for many ailments of the body such as bloating, body pain, weight loss etc.

Drink when thirsty…. 

It is always advisable to drink only when we are thirsty. Water consumption may be different for many individuals. Although we should intake 2-3 litres of water a day, the gap between our drinking can vary. So we should be conscious of the body’s needs and drink water accordingly.

Drink water stored in Copper and Silver vessels….

In India according to Ayurveda drinking water from copper or silver vessels is very good for the body. The water becomes positively charged when kept in these vessels. Copper contains various antioxidants and anti bacterial properties which helps to boost our immune system. Water stored in silver vessels can help to remove free radicals in the body and helps in the digestion process.

Drink water in the morning….

The first thing to do after we wake up is to drink warm water. Warm water on an empty stomach in the morning can flush out toxins from the body and helps in constipation.

Avoid gulping large volumes of water…..

Don’t drink large volumes of water in a single breath . Take smaller sip , swallow, breathe and repeat throughout the day. You don’t have to gulp down one litre of water even if you are damn thirsty. The same applies for food. Large volumes of water or foods is not easily digested and can cause bloating .

Drink Water 30 mins or 1 hr after having  a meal……..

Drinking water in between meals can cause indigestion. Even after you have finished the meal, you must wait for 30 min before you are ready to drink. The acids inside the body responsible for digestion gets diluted if you drink water immediately after or in between a meal. This causes indigestion and bloating.





Do it Right

Live, Love, Exercise

Over the last 10 yrs fitness industry has seen substantial growth. Be it any gym, yoga classes or any fitness centre, people now realise that one of the key factor to keep fit, be free from any physical disorder is to workout. In India we have seen many Fitness Brands like Gold Gym, Snap and a few others open up. And yes they are affordable now. The quantity of branded gym in India may be not that much, but people now get a chance to work out with good equipment or machines . Yoga gained popularity outside India quite sometime ago. But we in India were not doing it until now. Yoga is probably one of the oldest and most scientific form of spiritual, mental and physical practices to keep fit and healthy. Whatever be the form of exercise people are now growing conscious of their health and well being.

The best way to get results out of your workout is to do it right. You can’t get results in a few days even if your exercise regime is intense. Concentrate on one muscle or one part of the body at a time. Arrange your workout for four or five days. That way you will get time to exercise different parts of the body. Outdoor work out is far better than any gym or indoor training. But we can combine both outdoor and indoor training to get much better results. Like when you practice Martial Arts you have to do outdoor practice at least once in a week. It may include running or jogging. Yoga too is best when done outdoors. But it the lack of space which hinders us to do so. In India its difficult to find a place outdoors where you can do some physical activity.